Investing with

the courage of

our convictions

Act One Ventures is a community focused, early stage venture capital firm leading pre-seed and seed rounds in ecommerce infrastructure, vertical SaaS, and fintech.

We invest in founders of all backgrounds because we understand the value and importance of diversity, with over 70% of our portfolio companies led by women founders and those from under-represented groups such as LGBTQ+ and people of color.

Portfolio highlights


Automate, manage, collaborate and report on risk and controls data in real time without thousands of spreadsheets and shared folders.

Series B led by Battery Ventures

Founders: Daniel Kim, Jay Lee

Group 190

The Act One team really brought a level of operational experience that was truly valuable through the stage of scaling the business as well as the financing process. They play a valuable role in helping to navigate the challenges that come with building a world-class SaaS company and also bring an incredible network of people and resources.

Daniel Kim,
Co-Founder of AuditBoard


Infrastructure-as-a-Service that eliminates the time, cost and headache of bringing payments in house.

Series B investors include Lightspeed, Inspired, Bain, AmEx

Founders: Richie Serna,
Sean Donovan

Group 190

As a Latino technical founder, I hear a lot about how important diversity is in the workplace, but it is still rare to see it actually happen. Their commitment to investing in minority-created companies and putting together their own team of diverse LPs and advisors was a big part of my decision and I couldn’t be happier about having them as part of our journey.

Richie Serna,
Co-Founder/CEO of Finix

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Challenging venture to

recognize the value of

diversity, equity, inclusion

We spearheaded the Diversity Rider to change the makeup of cap tables across venture investing.

We are

founders first

We are founders who have built companies that succeeded and failed. We are ready to take the journey with our portfolio companies, and we bring along a community of experienced entrepreneurs and executives who deliver meaningful advice and connections that lead to revenue. The roots of our community grew from more than a decade of investing in the UCLA entrepreneurial ecosystem.