About Us

We are a community focused, early stage venture
capital firm leading pre-seed and seed rounds in
ecommerce infrastructure, vertical SaaS, and fintech.


We spearheaded the Diversity Rider to change the makeup of cap tables across venture investing.

We have always believed in diversity, knowing that diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams, and our portfolio consists of founders who are 70% people of color, LGBTQ+, or women.

Many of our portfolio companies have gone on to raise large Series B and C rounds while attracting the biggest firms in venture.


We are founders first, having built companies from the ground up to IPO and beyond.

We understand the difficult journey ahead for entrepreneurs because we've been there before.

Our community of advisors is a diverse and dynamic group of experienced entrepreneurs and executives who are eager to mentor our founders with practical, meaningful advice and introductions that lead to revenue.

A founder's view

In a word, Act One is great. They are very supportive beyond capital — specifically, thinking through challenges and helping with introductions.
Kim Stiefel,
CEO/Co-Founder, Repeat